Boosts Cognitive Functioning

Brahmi works as a potential cognitive booster. Brahmi has neuroprotective properties which can improve the brain's functions. It can improve memory and concentration. A major compound of Brahmi - bacosides - is known to interact with neurotransmitters, leading to an increase in serotonin levels. This regulates the mind's balance, improving the mood, enhancing memory and concentration. Brahmi can also stimulate the creation of neural pathways and lower oxidative stress aiding cognitive functioning.

Treats Anxiety & Depression

Brahmi has adaptogenic properties - it can increase the body's resistance to stress. It is known to balance neurotransmitter levels in the body and reduce oxidative stress. It can enhance the production of serotonin, leading to reduced anxiety. It curbs the production of cortisol in the brain, which causes stress. The overall effect is reduced stress and elevated moods. Brahmi is a popular herbal remedy to treat anxiety disorder.  Its effectiveness to reduce depression and anxiety has been proven through studies, where the regular consumption of Brahmi has decreased the anxiety and depression scores in patients.

Has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties

The active compounds of Brahmi are responsible for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Brahmi can lower the production of prostaglandins which act as the precursor for inflammation in the body. Moreover, it can repress the release of cytokines responsible for stimulating an immune response to inflammation in the body. Brahmi is used to successfully cure inflammatory diseases like arthritis and gout.

The antioxidants in Brahmi protect body cells against the damage caused by free radicals. The bacosides in Brahmi neutralise free radicals preventing them from reacting with fat molecules. This prevents lipid peroxidation, which is often the major cause of neurodegenerative disorders. A prominent benefit of Brahmi is that it can fight the detrimental effects of toxin acrylamide which causes neurodegenerative ailments.

Boosts Immunity

The antioxidant properties of Brahmi help strengthen the body's immune system by regaining energy and keeping ailments at bay. It also enhances the responsiveness of the body's immune system by increasing immunoglobulin production. Brahmi also augments the production of cytokines like TH1 and TH2 in the body, thus regulating antibody production. Regular consumption of Brahmi can help you fight ailments & infections caused due to pathogens, bacterias and  certain viruses.

Controls Blood Sugar Levels

Brahmi has antihyperglycemic properties, making it an ideal medication for controlling blood sugar levels in the body. It can be beneficial in improving the symptoms of diabetes by regulating blood sugar. A study has distinctly proven the anti-diabetic properties of Brahmi. According to it, a significant improvement in the activities of antioxidant enzymes like superoxide dismutase (SOD) and catalase (CAT) was observed in diabetics. It also helped elevate the plasma blood glucose levels of the patients. The enhanced action of flavonoids like apigenin & luteolin added to the positive effect.

Reduces Fatigue

Brahmi acts as a rejuvenating herb that can fight adrenal fatigue syndrome. Brahmi mitigates the impairments often caused due to fatigue syndrome. It also reduced the levels of lactic acid, serum blood nitrogen & creatine kinase, all of which cause fatigue. It replenishes the body and boosts energy, thus fighting fatigue.

Treats Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a neuronal disorder characterised by impairments in learning, memory and cognitive development. In Ayurveda, Brahmi has been used for treating epilepsy. Its efficiency has also been proven through studies and it has had promising effects on epileptic patients. Brahmi can prevent seizures in people suffering from epilepsy. A major reason for the benefiting behaviour of Brahmi is due to its effect on the neural pathways. It can also help keep other mental disorders like bipolar disorder and neuralgia at bay.

Treats Alzheimer's disease

Brahmi has long been used for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease in Ayurveda. Its strong antioxidant effect protects the brain cells against damage. Also, bacosides in Brahmi help rebuild brain tissues. A study proves the effectiveness of Brahmi in treating Alzheimer's by improving memory and increasing the rate of learning. It also reduces the beta-amyloid in the brain which is primarily responsible for the death of brain cells causing memory loss. The polyphenols and sulfhydryl in Brahmi eliminate reactive oxygen and other divalent materials, halting the destruction of brain cells and retaining memory.

BOTANICAL NAME: Bacopa monniera

OTHER NAME(S): Andri, Bacopa, Bacopa monnieri, Herb of Grace, Herpestis Herb, Herpestis monniera, Hysope d'Eau, Indian Pennywort, Jalanimba, Jal-Brahmi, Jalnaveri, Nira-Brahmi, Moniera cuneifolia, Sambrani Chettu, Thyme-Leave Gratiola, Water Hyssop.